Terms & conditions

The Goldiam Limited offers members of the GIAM platform a wide range of services in trade and financial activities and services, which include at the initial stage of the platform's work:

  • - the sale of pure gold bars for investors who prefer serious investments for a long period to protect their funds from devaluation and preserve the real purchasing power of their funds;
  • - the creation of a self-expanding model of the trade and financial market for trading goods and services online in the international market "without borders", using the gold standard as a full-fledged universal equivalent of exchange for these transactions between platform's members;
  • - investment and commercial proposals for joint activities in the field of purchase and sale of gold raw materials between members of the platform engaged in this activity in different countries of the world;
  • - a wide range of regulated currency exchange for conducting trade operations between platform members, mutual internal payments and international settlements.

Members of the platform have the opportunity to use several types of fiat and cryptocurrencies for mutual settlements and for investments.

Members of the platform have the opportunity to buy and sell gold in physical and digital form at their free will, using a special stable coin Au (1g) - crypto-token BEP-20 on the blockchain platform of Binance - BSC - Binance Smart as a record of mutual obligations and reporting Cheyne.

The platform provides participation in the work with gold refineries in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, both for refining and for storing gold bars held in custody by Goldiam, as an officially registered asset (fund) manager and entitled to operations on mining, buying and selling gold, as well as conducting payment transactions in partnership with licensed financial service providers in several countries in Africa and Europe.

Goldiam Limited sells gold in grams to make these transactions available to each member of the platform and uses its own Au (1g) token with a cash equivalent of 1 gram of pure gold (24 carats) 999.99 to record transactions on the blockchain of the largest international crypto exchange Binance.

The Au (1g) token is freely exchangeable for fiat and cryptocurrencies offered by the GIAM platform with a constant quoted price equal to the value of gold on the international market and, as well, can be exchanged for additional currencies, at the special request of the client. The holder of Au (1g) token may withdrawal his tokens to external wallets.

The owner of the Au (1g) token can receive the physical equivalent of the token in the form of gold bars or coins, at the client's choice, on pre-agreed terms, depending on the amount of gold, place and delivery method at the client's request.

Platform members may pay each other by Au (1g) token for provided services without an exchange process and additional banking charges.

Platform members may use the platform as the regular trading marketplace for their current activities and offer their products and services without borders and in the online mode.

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